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Our Services

Our target is help you overcome injury, get rid of pain and most importantly to stay that way. Here is a summary of the services that we can provide:

Manual Therapy

This is the general term for hands on therapy. It includes mobilisation and manipulation of joints, stretching and releasing of soft tissues. Manual therapy is used to improve movement, correct alignment and reduce pain. It often creates immediate positive results and can be supplemented with an exercise program to help maintain the improvements.

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Exercise Prescription

As physiotherapists we are in an ideal position to advise you on what you can do to best treat your own condition. Exercise prescription is one of the most successful areas of modern medicine and may involve a core stability program to help resolve lower back pain or a stretching regime targeted at specifically troublesome muscle groups. All exercise programs are tailored for the individual to achieve a specific health goal.

We also offer guidance for individuals who are interested in losing weight and becoming more healthy.

Be it for well-being and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle or to improve your sport, exercise is a natural corner stone for good performance.

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Most of us suffer from stress and tension in our daily lives. At Performance Physiotherapy we have specialist Masseuses who are trained to make all of this disappear.

But it is not just for relaxation that massage is useful. We work with sports people to prevent injury, aid recovery and help you to perform better.

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As most people are aware Acupuncture involves the use of small needles placed into specific points to relieve pain and reduce tension. It is a rapidly growing and successful aspect of modern medicine and is being increasingly used to supplement physiotherapy to help recovery. For further information and an in depth explanation as to how it works please click the link below:

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Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanics is the study of how parts of the human body move, weightbear and affect one another.

The study of biomechanics is important when determining what causes injuries and how we can prevent re-occurance.  This is especially important in sport but can also be applied to how we move and position ourselves from day to day.

We use cameras, mirrors and observation to talk through these problems with you. 

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Other Services

  • Clinical Pilates

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